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Answering Questions About Wall Insulation

The best way to check if you have wall insulation is to remove an outlet plate from one of your exterior walls and use a flashlight to look into the wall cavity.

We recommend installing RetroFoam from the exterior, but it is possible for us to install it from the inside of your home.

For most homes, we will drill one hole per stud cavity. However, for brick and some other types of homes, we may need to drill more than one hole to ensure each cavity is completely filled.

As RetroFoam is installed into your walls, it flows around electrical wiring and interweaves with any existing insulation, such as fiberglass. This is possible because RetroFoam has the consistency of very thick shaving cream during installation. Shortly after being applied, it becomes firm. Despite this firmness, electrical wiring can still be pushed through it in the future if necessary, such as when an electrician needs to install an additional outlet. 

RetroFoam won’t pose a problem in such cases. The professional installation crew at Gateway RetroFoam uses specialized techniques, including precise placement of holes, careful timing of foam flow, and constant monitoring of the equipment to ensure a quality installation.

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